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1001 Nights - Flying carpet ride located at Alton Towers.
4 Man bob - Zierer family coaster, removed from Alton Towers, via Pleasure Island & Flamingoland to Groveland.
4 Man bob - Same coaster as above, seen here constructed but never opened at Loudoun Castle.
Absolutely Insane - Tower ride removed from Fantasy Island.
Alpine Coaster - Alpine coaster at Stoke Ski Centre until 2006.
Aerial Glide - World's oldest operating suspended roller coaster until 2004.
Alton Beast - Schwarzkopf Jetstar coaster formerly at Alton Towers.
Alton Mouse - Unusual Vekoma built mouse coaster at Alton Towers, now at Idlewild Park USA.
AMERICAN ADVENTURE - ceased operation after the 2006 season.
Apollo - Unusual Schwarzkopf ride at Dreamland, now at Loudoun Castle as The Plough.
Barnstormer - S&S tower ride at Loudoun Castle.
BARRY ISLAND - ceased operation after the 2009 season.
Batflyer - Protoype suspended coaster from Caripro at Lightwater Valley.
Beastie - Junior coaster formerly operating at Alton Towers.
Beautiful Balloons - Ferris wheel ride at New Metroland.
Beaver Rapids - Reverchon made flume, was at Lightwater Valley.
Ben Hur - unusual ride which spent a short while at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, & Dreamland.
Big Apple - Junior coaster from Pleasureland Southport.
Black Hole - Dark roller coaster formerly at Alton Towers.
Black Pearl - Weber Traumboot (looping ship) at Loudoun Castle, now at Lightwater Valley as Black Pearl.
Bling - Zierer Star Shape ride at Pleasure Beach Blackpool 2004 - 2011.
Boneshaker - Removed from Alton Towers during 04 season.
Bullet - Removed from Flamingoland during 05 season.
Canyon Trip - Ride at American Adventure.
Captains Wheel - Enterprise ride at Loudoun Castle.
Carousel - Unusual carousel at Loudoun Castle.
Chaos - Removed from Pleasureland Southport & Lightwater Valley.
Condor - Removed from Pleasure Island during 06 season.
Corkscrew- Retired from Alton Towers 2008.
Crazy Mouse - Wild Mouse ride formerly at Bridlington.
Cyclone - Razed  wooden coaster formerly at Pleasureland Southport, demolished September 2006.
Cyclone - Enterprise ride at Drayton Manor Park, now at Thorpe Park as Zodiac.
Dragon - Loudoun Castle's powered kiddie coaster.
DREAMLAND - Margate's defunct amusement park, although the Scenic Railway remains.
Drunken Barrels - Water ride at Loudoun Castle.
Dynamo - Removed from Alton Towers during 03 season.
Eclipse - Ferris ride at Thorpe Park.
Enterprise - ride at Dreamland.
Evolution - ride at Barry Island.
Excalibur - Weber Traumboot ride at Camelot.
Eye on the Coast - Ferris wheel removed from Fantasy Island.
FRONTIERLAND - Morecambe's defunct amusement park.
Gauntlet - Pinfari looper from Camelot.
G Force - Double Fabbri Booster removed from Fantasy Island.
Ghost Train - Pleasureland Southport's dark, spinning pretzel ride.
Grizzly Bear - Pinfari coaster removed from Lightwater Valley, now travelling with Buwalda.
Haunted Mine / jungle Ride - John Wardley's 1st ride at Barry Island.
HMS Flora McDougal - Pirate Ship ride from Loudoun Castle, now at Lightwater Valley as Flying Cutlass.
Hornet's Nest - Chance Chaos ride formerly at Pleasureland Southport, removed from Lightwater Valley.
Jammin - Spinning coaster removed from M&D's, refurbished as Mine Train at M&D's.
Jetstream - The UK's 1st tubular steel coaster, was demolished when Ocean Beach closed.
Jungle Coaster - Wild mouse coaster formerly at Legoland Windsor.
Jungle River - Reverchon flume ride removed from Bridlington.
King Solomon's Mines - Wild mouse coaster formerly at Frontierland & Pleasureland Southport.
Klondike Kreek - Log Flume ride at Flamingoland, made with parts from Drayton Manor Park's flume ride.
Ladybird Coaster - Junior coaster from Zierer, formerly at Dreamland, now at Lightwater Valley.
Log Flume - Barry Island's log flume.
Log Flume - Blackpool Pleasure Beach's log flume, 1967 - 2006.
Log Flume - Pleasureland Southport's log flume.
Log Flume - Morecambe Frontierland's log flume.
Logger's Leap - Log flume ride at Loudoun Castle.
Log Runner - Unusual coaster / water chute ride at Alton Towers & Southport Pleasureland.
Looping Star - Schwarzkopf ride formerly at Dreamland, now touring as Shockwave.
Looping Star - Schwarzkopf looping coaster, formerly at Pleasureland Southport, now touring as Shockwave.
Lost Dinosaurs of the Sahara - Pleasureland Southport river caves ride.
LOUDOUN CASTLE - Amusement Park.
Magic Carpet - Removed from Alton Towers, now operating at M&Ds.
Magnum Force - Removed from Flamingoland during 05 season.
MARVELS - Amusement park & Water chute, Scarborough (The water chute's future IS NOW SAFE!!).
Mary Rose - Looping boat ride at Dreamland, briefly at Alton Towers, Pleasure Island, & Loudoun Castle as Black Pearl.
METROLAND - Indoor theme park in Gateshead 'Metro Centre' shopping mall, closed 20th April 2008.
Megablitz - Coaster formerly at Coney Beach, Porthcawl.
Mexican Hat - Lightwater Valley's Trabant.
Milk Churn - Round - Up ride at Loudoun Castle.
Mistral - Pleasureland Southport's flying machine.
Missile - American Adventure's boomerang roller coaster, now at Pleasurewood Hills as Wipeout.
Monster - Blackpool Pleasure Beach's Octopus.
Monster - Ocean Beach, Rhyl's polyp ride.
New Beast - Schwarzkopf Jetstar coaster formerly at Alton Towers.
New Roller Coaster - Metroland's Zierer family coaster.
Nightmare Niagara - American Adventure's log flume.
OCEAN BEACH - Defunct park as of September 2007.
Octopus - Alton Towers' polyp ride.
Octopus - Lightwater Valley's polyp ride.
Pirate Cove - Loudoun Castle's pirate themed ride area.
PLEASURELAND - Defunct park as of September 2006.
The Plough - Formerly Schwarzkopf Apollo, converted to a chair-o-plane, seen here at Loudoun Castle.
Pepsi Loop - Pinfari looping coaster, removed when Ocean Beach closed.
Quintain - Huss Flipper ride formerly at Camelot. Now operating at Tir Prince.
The Rack - Canyon Trip ride formerly at Camelot.
Rainbow - Rainbow ride formerly at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Raging River - Flume ride at Adventure Island, removed 2006.
The Rat - Wild mouse coaster at Loudoun Castle.
Rodeo Rider - Unusual 'twister' ride at Loudoun Castle.
Runaway Train - Ocean Beach, Rhyl demolish their powered family coaster September 2006.
Scenic Railway - The UKs oldest wooden coaster at Dreamland.
Sea Ray - Barry Island's pirate ship.
Skytrak - World's 1st flying coaster at Granada Studio Tours, Manchester.
Slitherin - Lightwater Valley's Viper roller coaster, relocated to Loudoun Castle but never opened there.
Soopa Loopa - Lightwater Valley's roller coaster, relocated to American Adventure as Twin Looper.
Sorcerer - Family roller coaster formerly at Camelot.
Space Invader - Dark roller coaster formerly at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Spider - Alton Towers' polyp ride.
Spin Doctor - Twin Booster rides only stayed at Blackpool Pleasure Beach for a couple of seasons.
Stampede - Pinfari coaster formerly at Frontierland, Morecambe.
Storm - Pinfari looper formerly at Camelot & Southport New Pleasureland.
Stormbreaker - Huss breakdance ride at Loudoun Castle, now at Lightwater Valley as Powder Kegs.
Stunt Flyer - Project never materialised at Fantasy Island.
Swan Boats - Alton Towers' leisurely boat ride.
Swashbuckling Ship - Pirate ship ride in Metroland.
Texas Tornado - Wooden coaster removed from Frontierland, Morecambe.
Thunder Looper - Schwarzkopf reversing shuttle coaster at Alton Towers.
Tidal Wave - Pirate ship ride from Blackpool Pleasure Beach, then Pleasureland Southport, now at M&D's as Captains Curse.
Tidal Wave - Pleasureland Southport's pirate ship from Blackpool Pleasure Beach, now at M&Ds as Captains Curse.
Toad Hole - Retired splashdown ride, formerly Devils' Cascade at Lightwater Valley.
Tokaydo Express - Powered coaster from Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Top Gun - Flight trainer ride formerly at Flamingoland.
Tower of Terror - Schwarzkopf coaster at Camelot, before operating at Loudoun Castle as Twist & Shout.
Toyland Tours - Dark water ride at Alton Towers, before being refurbished into Charlie & Chocolate Factory.
Traumatizer - Pleasureland Southport's suspended looping coaster, now at Blackpool Pleasure Beach as Infusion.
Trauma Towers - Blackpool Pleasure Beach's former Tagada ride.
Tri Star - Alton Towers' flat ride which is now at Pleasurewood Hills as Thunder Struck.
Tri Star - Dreamland's flat ride which spent time at Alton Towers, now at Pleasurewood Hills as Thunder Struck.
Tri Star - Huss tri-star at Loudoun Castle.
Turtle Chase - Removed from Blackpool during 06 season.
Twist & Shout - Loudoun Castle's Schwarzkopf looping coaster.
Vikingar - Removed from Blackpool Pleasure Beach during 06 season.
Viper - Pinfari coaster at Barry Island.
Viper - Removed from Knowsley Safari Park, previously at Marvel's Scarborough.
Wacky Worm - Pinfari Big Apple coaster at Loudoun Castle.
Water Chute - The UK's last remaining water chute, was demolished when Ocean Beach closed.
The Wave - Lightwater Valley's retired pirate ship.
Whip - Removed from Blackpool Pleasure Beach during 06 season.
Whirling Waltzer - Formerly at Metroland.
Wildcat - Pleasureland Southport's Pinfari coaster.
Wild Mouse - Frontierland Morecambe's wooden mouse coaster.
Wonderful Waveswinger - Metroland's Zierer Waveswinger ride.
Zeppelin - Dreamland's tower ride, now in storage at Leisure Lakes, near Southport.